Rainer Sector (Viewpoint Wall)

A nice sport climbing sector located very close to Montfalcó.

Here we have almost 30 sport climbing routes of varying difficulties meaning that you could spend a few days in this area alone.

The climb is technical and you generally have to use your feet, with slabs with holes and teardrops, etc.

The first routes were set up by Joaquín Olmo in the 90s, and in recent years a large number of routes starting at the refuge have been opened by other local experienced climbers.


From the mountain refuge, take the trail that leads to Montfalcó viewpoint. If you’re going by foot, pay attention: halfway along the trail, there’s a signpost that marks a small path on the left that takes you to the base of the wall (5 minutes).

In order to get to the grade IV routes area, continue along the main path and, just before you reach the viewpoint, take a right to get to the nearby wall (10 minutes).

You can find reviews of the climbs and a range of guidebooks on the area for sale at the mountain refuge.

  • Montsec Oeste (“Western Montsec”). Publisher: La Noche del Loro, 2019. Author: Luis Alfonso.
  • Mapa Excursionista del Montsec I (Montsec de L’Estall y Montsec d’Ares) (“Montsec Explorer Map I [Montsec de l’Estall and Montsec d’Ares]”). Scale: 1:40,000. Publisher: Prames, 2009.
  • Maps from IGN/SGE Scale: 1:50.000. Publisher: Prames.

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