Montfalcó Walkways and Mont-Rebei Gorge


Information from Montfalcó to La Masieta (one-way only)
Straddling the border between the provinces of Huesca and Lleida, these two routes have become a benchmark in the world of mountaineering, with more and more intrepid travellers opting to follow them each year. Both the Montfalcó Walkways route and the Mont-Rebei Gorge route are linear and you can go between the two as they are connected. You can easily complete a return journey in one day, although given the number of different access points, the route combinations are endless. The two main access points are:
  • Montfalcó (Viacamp). Free public car park.
  • La Masieta (Puente de Montañana). Paid private car park which must be booked in advance.
Below you can find information about the different sections of the route, such as the difficulty, and you can decide whether it is suitable for your ability.
Route length.
  • From La Masieta to the junction: 4.7 km
  • From La Masieta to the junction: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • From the junction to La Masieta: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Total incline.
  • From La Masieta to the junction: 155 m uphill and 60 m downhill
  • From the junction to La Masieta: 60 m uphill and 155 m downhill
Trail type: GR1 long-distance trail (the Sendero Histórico [“Historic Trail”])
Route description:
The route begins in La Masieta car park, the gateway to Mont-Rebei Gorge natural reserve, which is managed by Fundació Territori i Paisatge (“the Territory and Landscape Foundation”). As soon as you head off, you’ll find a fork in the path with a signpost: the left-hand trail takes you to Mont-Rebei Gorge via the Camí de les Tarteres route (following the GR1), and the right-hand trail via the reservoir. The first option is longer, crossing over Canelles Reservoir, while the second option is flooded whenever the reservoir is full. For this reason you should take the Camí de les Tarteres to the left, going around the reservoir and taking the first wooden bridge to cross over to the other side of the ravine. Next you’ll need to cross over Jullanes ravine via another wooden walkway. Shortly after, after climbing Coll de Sant Jaume hill, you’ll find the SL-C 5 path which leads to the Mont-Rebei plain via the Obaga Gran and Carboners route. The GR1 follows the marked path to the right which reaches the suspension bridge over the Sant Jaume ravine, taking 20 minutes. A few metres before you get there, the trail will join back up with the floodable path that you skipped at the beginning. The route passes close to the reservoir and, after crossing the first suspension bridge over the Sant Jaume ravine, you’ll arrive at some abandoned terraces (Les Feixoles), where you’ll leave the SL-C 5 behind and head towards the Mont-Rebei plain via Altimiris. Continue in the same direction to reach the section of the route that has been excavated into the limestone, following the gorge . For two kilometres, the path runs between 500-metre-tall walls, with rope handrails from the very beginning that offer walkers extra safety and peace of mind, in addition to wooden benches perched on the precipice, acting as viewpoints. The route weaves through the compact limestone rock, cutting through it with a series of tunnels. At the bottom of the abyss you can see the faraway waters of the Noguera Ribagorzana river. Across from the trail are the imposing Aragón Wall and Montsec de L’Estall ridge. After a while, a steep passage opens up above the path, leading up to Cova Colomera cave, also known as Palomera cave, (670 m, 45 minutes) which can be accessed using a chain and clamps. Leaving the walkway, you are welcomed by impressive views of Canelles Reservoir and the southern bluffs of Montsec de L’Estall and d’Ares, before the path starts to climb. After around 20 minutes, you’ll find the route that leads back to Montfalcó, which heads off to the right along a signposted downhill path.

Combine them!

These are two incredible routes, and if you’re looking for a different and fun way to discover both of them, why not combine them with a kayak?
Remember that:

Let us show you the way!

Last but not least, remember that they are mountain routes, so if you have any doubts, we recommend booking a place on the guided activity! This will make sure that everything goes smoothly and that you’ll have an amazing day.

Route notices

Find out the condition of the access roads and route sections before setting off on your adventure.
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