About Us

MOUNTAIN REFUGE located in the abandoned town of Montfalcó. “In the heart of the Montsec… At the feet of Mont-Rebei…”

Mission, Vision and Values

Montfalcó opened its doors in 2009, although thanks to its unique vision, it has light years ahead of where it was back then. Montfalcó has changed beyond recognition after a long period of lethargy, and now it has firmly placed itself on the map, establishing itself as the number-one destination for visiting this unique part of the country. Our mission is to show the area in a respectful manner while doing everything we can to preserve and protect it against the changes occurring in its surroundings. Whatever happens, we aim to preserve the spirit of its peoples and acknowledge their history by putting their land in the spotlight thanks to the effort of our team of professionals, rangers and guides who dedicate their lives to caring for and protecting it.
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