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Montfalcó Mountain Refuge

Rural accommodation in Montfalcó and Mont-Rebei Gorge

A mountain refuge hidden away in the heart of the Sierra del Montsec mountain range, metres away from Mont-Rebei Gorge and overlooking the waters of Canelles Reservoir. It is a strategic place from which you can hike the walkways, the gorge, or even participate in endless other activities such as mountaineering, climbing and kayaking. The mountain refuge forms part of the Aragonese Mountaineering Federation’s Network of Mountain Refuges.

Privileged Surroundings

Feel at home in one of the most special spots in all of the Pyrenees. With double and group rooms available, it’s the perfect place to come whether on your own or with friends and family. Come and enjoy the breathtaking mountain scenery!

Montsec, "Land of Contrasts"

Montsec is a land full of contrasts that definitely won’t leave you feeling indifferent, with its deeply rooted history, abandoned villages, medieval jewels and characters that have left their indelible mark on the land, reminding us of a past that we are clinging on to in order to conserve and preserve the tales of this wonderful land. It’s a land seemingly made for adventure, with its mountain passes and water serving as the perfect playground for everything from climbing, cycling and walking to kayaking and packrafting. There’s something different to see and do at Montfalcó and Montsec with each season, so you’ll always have a reason to come back.

Montfalcó, "Falcon Mountain"

In the Ribagorçan dialect, Montfalcó means “Falcon Mountain”, or a rock where this bird of prey lives and builds its nest. It seems like the perfect name for this place on the banks of Noguera Ribagorzana in the foothills of the Sierra de Mongay. Montfalcó is an abandoned village that was left behind, as were so many of its neighbours, following the completion of Canelles Reservoir in the 1960s. The water didn’t flood its homes, but it did its fields, its lifeblood, so the residents packed up and left in search of pastures green. Fet, Finestras, L’Estall, Chiriveta, Torre Baró, Caserras, Soriana, Blancafort, Montfalcó… these are just a few resounding examples in the High Aragón region of the legacy of the water policies from that time.

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